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Why Zenith Chain?

Discover Zenith Chain - the innovative blockchain solution designed for unparalleled performance, security, and scalability. Harness the power of cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way you transact, invest, and grow. Embrace the potential of Zenith Chain and transform the world of Decentralization.


Transaction fee

1.2 second

Transaction finality


transactions per seconds

Transaction Throughput:

UP to 75 000 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

1.2 sec

Transaction Throughput:

~1000 - 5000 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

6 mins (32 blocks)

Transaction Throughput:

~160 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

75 sec

Transaction Throughput:

Up to 7 000 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

30 mins to 1.5+ hours

Power your NFT projects with Zenith Chain

Discover how exactly Zenith helps developers and founders to build outstanding projects in the NFT domain.


Zenith offers all necessary components, such as documentation, community support, and access to the software ecosystem that gives you tools to create dApps. Get started today to join the Zenith dev community!

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Hodling of tokens is crucial for any dApp. Zenith offers a top protection level, enabling developers to create wallets, manage user balances, and integrate the stats.


Allow your users to get maximum ROI by integrating the staking features into your project.

Build an NFT Project powered by Zenith chain

Explore the scale and range of capacities Zenith provides for various DeFi projects.

Discover all NFT Marketplaces

FuzionX NFT Marketplace is Number one marketplace to create and explore digital items!

Zenith punks

Zenith Punks - first NFT Collection on Zenith Network! 2500 unique Punks created just for Zenith Blockchain. Every Punk has been randomly generated. Attributes of Zenith Punks have a variety of rarities.

What are P2E games?

Play-to-Earn games offer an ability to invest some time and crypto/NFT management efforts in a gamified solution that pays off with real earnings.

Discover P2E

Transparent & safe. Common risks of scam and fraud are minimized due to the nature of games involving cryptocurrency, which run on uncompromisable blockchains.

Constantly tracked by developers.P2E games, especially NFT-focused ones, are actively supported by the creator community, which means that P2E players get a lot of reaction to their actions and their feedback is really heard and turned into optimizations by developers.

Earning abilities.P2E players get to obtain non-fungible tokens right in the middle of gameplay that can be sold or traded however they like.

Lowest fees in the market.Transactions on ZENITH have the lowest fees so that nothing gets in the way of your decentralized play-to-earn experience.

Add Zenith($ZENITH) token to your exchange or wallet

You can easily add Zenith ($ZENITH) token to your DEX using our documentation portal. If you are stuck, use the get help button.

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P2E games based on Zenith

Discover what play-to-earn capacities Zenith readily delivers - see some of the major projects with the ZENITH blockchain at the core.

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Astrono is a fun intergalactic NFT Play to earn game with a metaverse that enables multiple forms of player interaction, Competetive Game Modes, and Token Rewards.


Browse guides and manuals to start easily creating Zenith powered projects

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NFTs minted on the Zenith blockchain

Thousands of NFTs have been designed and minted based on Zenith. Now its your turn.

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