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Why Zenith Chain?

Discover Zenith Chain - the innovative blockchain solution designed for unparalleled performance, security, and scalability. Harness the power of cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way you transact, invest, and grow. Embrace the potential of Zenith Chain and transform the world of Decentralization.


Transaction fee

1.2 second

Transaction finality


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Power your Metaverse economy

Discover where and how Zenith helps developers and founders to build their projects in the metaverse niche.


NFT helps to certificate ownership of various art objects through blockchain technology. Using Zenith, developers are able to integrate any NFT features, from items to entire marketplaces for creators.

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Hodling of tokens is crucial for any dApp. Zenith offers a top protection level, enabling developers to create wallets, manage user balances, and integrate the stats.


Using Zenith blockchain, you can launch your own governance token to allow holders to influence decisions concerning the startup, such as suggesting and choosing new features or modifying the governance system itself.

P2E Games

More and more metaverse projects require Play-to-Earn gamification components to attract and retain users. Zenith is a perfect layer one solution to build minigames and gamification features inside your metaverse.

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Metaverses built on Zenith

Take a look at crucial elements and whole immersive metaverse solutions built on the Zenith blockchain foundation.

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Players can build dungeons, earn crypto, and collect NFTs. The goal is to successfully raid other players dungeons while fending off raids to your own.

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