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DeFi: Financial Management with Zenith

Finances are an integral part of any person’s life. In the niche of finance, a stable place was occupied by centralized banking institutions. But what if Internet users have the ability to lend, borrow and go to the bank without intermediaries thanks to decentralized solutions? thats where Defi on zenith Chain comes in..

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Public nature: DeFi only requires you to create a wallet to start indulging in services..

Pseudonymous: No name, email, or other personal details are necessary to employ DeFi services.

Versatile: Manage assets conveniently, moving them to any place at any time without asking for anybody’s permission.

Fast: It takes as much as 15 seconds to update interest rates and service rewards in a well-powered DeFi system.

Why Zenith Chain?

Discover Zenith Chain - the innovative blockchain solution designed for unparalleled performance, security, and scalability. Harness the power of cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way you transact, invest, and grow. Embrace the potential of Zenith Chain and transform the world of Decentralization..


Transaction fee

1.2 second

Transaction finality


transactions per seconds

Transaction Throughput:

UP to 75 000 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

1.2 sec

Transaction Throughput:

~1000 - 5000 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

6 mins (32 blocks)

Transaction Throughput:

~160 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

75 sec

Transaction Throughput:

Up to 7 000 TPS

Transaction Fee:


Transaction Finality:

30 mins to 1.5+ hours

Power your DeFi with Zenith Chain

Discover how Zenith helps software engineers and founders createdecentralized solutions (dApps).


Zenith offers all necessary components, such as documentation, community support, and access to the software ecosystem that gives you tools to create dApps. Get started today to join the Zenith dev community!

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Hodling of tokens is crucial for any dApp. Zenith offers a top protection level, enabling developers to create wallets, manage user balances, and integrate the stats.


Allow your users to get maximum ROI by integrating the staking features into your project. Zenith is an innovative blockchain hybrid based on the combination of Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) and Proof-of-History (PoH), which allows creators and founders to release any type of such features.


Using Zenith powers, creators can design new exchanges or release the ability to swap tokens within existing dApps. The cheapest tx price makes ZENITH one of the most promising blockchains on the market.

Pay, send & receive

Let your users transfer and receive tokens or pay for virtual & physical goods using Zenith capacities. 50,000+ TPS powers Zenith to instantly process any given transaction.


Browse guides and manuals to start easily creating Zenith powered projects

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Add Zenith($ZENITH) token to your exchange or wallet

You can easily add Zenith ($ZENITH) token to your DEX using our documentation portal. If you are stuck, use the get help button.

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Explore the scale and range of capacities Zenith provides for various DeFi projects.

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