Decentralized storage built for performance

Store data securely on over 16k nodes worldwide with Zenithchain data architecture.

Store it on a better cloud

Zenith Chain offers a secure and scalable infrastructure to store classified data for easy transmission and usage across public and private sectors. Zenith blockchain also offers the architecture for CBDC deployment for government stakeholders.

What we are about

Data driven

By enabling anyone to participate as a storage provider and compete for your business, the Zenith chain provides astounding economies of scale.

Provable security and authenticity

Cryptographic storage proofs and content addressing provide long-term assurance that data is kept correctly and securely.

Customized system

Develop techniques that are tailored to your requirements for redundancy, retrieval speed, and cost.

Global open-source storage

A network that’s built and owned by everyone.

A Marketplace for storage

By lowering entry barriers for storage providers, Zenith Chain makes cloud storage accessible to everybody. This makes it simple for new competitors to take on established ones. Storage companies fiercely fight for your business in order to store your data, offer flexible alternatives, and charge the lowest pricing.

Why Zenith Chain?

Discover Zenith Chain - the innovative blockchain solution designed for unparalleled performance, security, and scalability. Harness the power of cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way you transact, invest, and grow. Embrace the potential of Zenith Chain and transform the world of Decentralization.


Transaction fee

1.2 second

Transaction finality


transactions per seconds

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